Connectus Worldwide, LLC is a professional business consulting firm specializing in the delivery of services to Minority, Woman-owned, Veteran, and LGBTQ Business Enterprises and Majority organizations. We strongly believe that when entrepreneurialism engages the entire community, the result is a dynamic and innovative environment abundant with opportunities and growth potential.

Our beliefs are supported by a mission, a vision, and a set of core values that is key to our thinking and provides the focus for our business defining how we approach everything that we do.

About Us

Mission Statement

To develop and implement strategies via our services that will assist diverse businesses and organizations to find ways to align their core competencies to what is needed in the ever-changing marketplace while increasing their profitability and generating positive measurable change.


Our vision is to become the “go to” experts for diverse entrepreneurs seeking to expand their economic opportunities into the public and corporate commercial markets. We want to be an integral part of a diverse business owner’s road to success through resources, counsel, and technical assistance as we serve as the catalyst in support of organizations becoming more intertwined in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


The Tree of Life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. A tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence, a symbol of growth and strength. We are not an island, but are deeply connected to the world around us and dependent on it for our ability to grow, scale and succeed.


We stand for your ability to succeed and accomplish your goals and objectives. We are an inclusive organization built on honesty, commitment and integrity that can enhance your team’s vision by proactively finding solutions.

Diverse Business Services

Pre Application for Certification

Connectus Worldwide works with diverse businesses to identify targeted certifications. We fill out your forms, upload your documents and ensure that they are presented professionally to the agency to which you are applying. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the certification process. Certification can provide leverage in attracting new businesses that are in need of your product or service. It also brings visibility to your company.

Coaching and Development

Connectus Worldwide is a business resource that will assist you in honing your skills and expertise to compete in today’s business environment. We offer one-on-one consulting from strategic business partners that provide the necessary tools to accomplish your goals.

Access to Corporate/ Government Contacts

Connectus Worldwide has relationships with KEY corporate and government contacts. We will leverage these relationships to help clients realize their goals and objectives.

Corporate Services

Supplier Diversity Program Development

Connectus Worldwide will work with clients to analyze and identify opportunities for integrating a Supplier Diversity program into the execution of your corporate strategy. We believe that the return on investment will positively impact the bottom-line.

Please supply your name and email to be provided with our Supplier Diversity Presentation.

Public Participation & Engagement Consulting

Connectus Worldwide understands the value of community outreach and public engagement. Relationships can be constructive, tension-filled or anything in between. Engaging the public strengthens the relevance, responsiveness, and accountability of any project. It also builds trust. Trust is difficult to earn but easily lost. We will ensure the public process includes a diverse group of stakeholders. Public engagement acknowledges that the public has a genuine stake in the work. It also recognizes the need to listen to stakeholders’ wisdom and sensitivities. Investing the time to genuinely engage with the public is critical.



Mary Shannon

Founder | Consultant | Speaker

Mary Shannon, Founder, and Consultant of Connectus Worldwide is a leading professional in supplier diversity and brings a unique level of expertise to those in her reach. As a recognized diversity leader. Mary brings passion, enthusiasm, inspiration, and a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion.

Ms. Shannon managed the supplier diversity program for Hallmark Cards, for several years. She developed a proactive program for supplier identification, supplier growth and development, strategic planning, and program measurement which resulted in increased and effective utilization of diverse suppliers throughout the corporation.

Karen Slaughter

Managing Partner

Authentic, innovative, patient and determined are a few of the words used to describe Karen Slaughter. As Managing Partner, Karen brings a combined forty years of civil, community and corporate service experience to Connectus Worldwide. Proficient in analyzing problems and identifying solutions, she is dedicated to finding the solution that best fits your organization’s needs.

As Technical Liaison and Product Owner in a Fortune 500 Company, Karen relied on skills acquired from Agile Methodology and Scrum training to implement technology changes. Karen has extensive experience gaining alignment and mitigating concerns between cross-functional teams. She believes the exchange of clear and concise communication is important for building consensus.  Effective communication is a strong suit.

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